RAF SIMONS x KVADRAT: Endeavor into Gotlanida

Director Jeppe Lange drops us into Gotlandia, his surreal take on the Swedish island of Gotland and home to the Raf Simons x Kvadrat collaboration.

Following a descent onto the dysmorphic terrain of Gotlandia, created by 2-Dimensional scans of real life Gotland rock formations, we arrive at an animated cabin in the woods housing the Kvadrat x Raf Simons Shaker System, inspired by the Shaker Religious Community.

Coupled with various lifestyle accessories – like soft wool blankets and leather storage - the Shaker System consists of circumferential horizontal strips echoing the reduced aesthetics of the Shaker Community in a modern iteration.

"More than ever, home is the absolute centre of our lives, and I wanted to create a system that changes it for the better."
Raf Simons