MYKITA I 032c’s First Sunglasses Dropping Today

MYKITA and 032c release their first sunglasses using the proprietary high-tech, patented MYLON material—a material innovation pioneered by MYKITA that allows for maximum volume with minimal weight. The sunglasses with a surreal lens reflection are handmade in Berlin.

“Come, let us build us a tower whose top may reach unto the stars! And the top of the tower we will write the words: Great is the world and its Creator!” In Fritz Lang’s 1927 classic Metropolis, the figure Maria is equated with the Virgin Mary, a maternal figure, the protector of all. In a dystopian world full of fearsome urban canyons, she is the beacon of hope.

The Mykita | 032c MARFA sunglasses are as sculptural as the cityscape of the metropolis with a protective rounded shield and tilted axis. MARFA’s lenses are almost surreal in a biomechanical Gigeresque frame. Shot in Shanghai, where you “get high on the fluorescence and doom,” MARFA is what Maria would wear in the metropolis of today.