MYKITA | 032c MARFA Sunglasses Safari Green

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MYKITA I 032c MARFA is a voluminous wraparound eyewear design created in collaboration with MYKITA for our SS-24 Readytowear collection. It is made from MYKITA’s high-tech patented MYLON material allowing for maximum volume with minimal weight. Handmade in Berlin.


MYKITA is a design house for pioneering eyewear, renowned for its pure yet radical aesthetic. Made with patented design solutions and attention to detail, the frames are valued for their distinctive tailored quality and long lifespan. All collections are handmade at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin.


Founded in 2003, MYKITA has taken an unconventional path, developing an independent production with a holistic way of doing things and a strong belief in interdisciplinary collaborations and creative exchange to drive progress.


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