NEXT LANDSCAPE: C.P. Company’s Upcoming Metropolis

Since the 1970s, C.P. Company’s high-quality outerwear has fused functional design with heritage Italian textile manufacturing. NEXT LANDSCAPE, the brand’s latest collection, turns that fusional legacy toward an imagined near-future city, in which the natural environment has merged with a post-industrial urban landscape.
Designed using structured modeling principles, C.P. Company’s AW2020 garments are informed by the architectural qualities of once industrial areas, and recall the skeletons of disused buildings, as weeds burst through faded paint and cracked concrete. The collection’s palette channels the slate and rust hues one might associate with such environments, yet also introduces shades of olive and faded pastels – symbolic of the plant life that takes over once the machines power down, of the sunlight behind the haze. Made from advanced and ultralight materials, including TAYLON and Pro-Tek fabrics developed in-house, this is clothing designed for human performance – and human comfort – no matter the milieu.
NEXT LANDSCAPE’s particular colors, which vary across the textiles used in the line, are achieved through a proprietary garment-dyeing process: a revolutionary method developed by C.P. Company founder Massimo Osti in the early 1970s, it was the first of its kind in which garments made from multiple types of fabrics are dyed as the final step in their production, as opposed to being assembled from separately pre-dyed materials. The result is a richer, more cohesive final product, and a chromatic depth not achievable by standard dyeing techniques.
C.P. Company has had several claims to fame over the decades. In the late 1980s, it was the Goggle jacket designed for the Mille Miglia car race – a hooded garment that covers the head and face entirely, making it apt coverage for the open road (or, one imagines today, for conditions requiring masks). But it is the Urban Protection Metropolis Jacket, a C.P. Company high-performance signature item first released in 1998, that is this latest collection’s orbital axis. Reduxed with an elaborate system of double-facing pockets, the Metropolis update features high-strength Dyneema and waterproof GoreTex to respond to the requirements of unknown and changing surroundings, be they in natural or in post-industrial wilds.

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