In Berlin & London and On Your Wall: 032c Issue #40 POSTERS

In Berlin & London and On Your Wall: 032c Issue #40 POSTERS

BERLINERS AND LONDONERS: Keep your eyes peeled for posters of the YE, Vittoria, and Skepta/Simz covers of 032c Issue #40 this week.
They are also now available for PURCHASE in our STORE.
Here at 032c, we believe in the power of the poster. Outside and on the streets, they’re urban accessories. Inside a home and a frame, they’re art. From the Raf Simons x Willy Vanderperre exhibition to the “movie” poster for An Innocent Mind Has No Fear, our poster archive is also a loving tribute to the projects we’re most proud of.
We also believe in the power of DIY marketing. Rumor has it that founder Joerg Koch used to creep around Berlin in the middle of the night with a broom and a bucket full of wheat paste, slathering the city with 032c promo. Over the course of two decades, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to get our message across (and firmly affixed to various surfaces). For anyone interested in doing the same, here’s our guide to wheat pasting:

What you’ll need:

-White flour

-White sugar

-A pot you don’t mind scrubbing

-A small broom or a large paintbrush

-A bucket

Making the paste:

-Mix two parts flour with three parts water in a pot

-Bring the pot to a boil, while stirring continuously to avoid lump formation

-Once it thickens, bring it to a low heat

-Add more water and continue stirring for roughly 15 minutes

-For extra stickiness, sprinkle in a bit of white sugar

-Place in a sealed container in the fridge to let it cool

Things to remember:

-You are limited by the length of your arms. Consider tools with extensions so that you can reach new heights.

-Wheat paste has a very short shelf life. Use your paste within 24 hours or prepare yourself for unpleasant odors.

-Wash broom or brush immediately after usage, otherwise it will dry and clump together.


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