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Issue #38 — Winter 2020/2021: '20 Years'






Issue #38 – 
Winter 2020/2021: 
“20 Years”

"You're invited."

SUPREME founder James Jebbia called 032c "the last truly great culture magazine." In 032c Issue #38, we celebrate our first two decades with a 28-page fold-out chronicling our evolution from DIY Berlin to the world of ready-to-wear, featuring commentary and a timeline of global 21st century cultural production by tech and media arbiter NEW MODELS, a visual audit by VIRGIL ABLOH, and a message from ANNA WINTOUR. Gemini legend and 2020 chart-slayer GUNNA incarnates rap's mythological hero of the year. MAHFUZ SULTAN and ARI MARCOPOULOS unearth MICHAEL HEIZER's secret desert sanctum. ROB HARDY, cinematographer of the "inexorable" behind the visual landscapes of Ex Machina, Annihilation, and Devs, shows SHUMON BASAR what the future looks like now. A newly repatriated, chain-smoking DAVID HOCKNEY gives dubious health advice to SVEN MICHAELSEN – then SVEN MICHAELSEN heads for the (Waldhaus) Sils to learn hospitality from hotel maestro URS KIENBERGER. Theories of automation, labor, and the self take an intimate turn when MCKENZIE WARK Zooms SUSAN BENNETT, the original voice of Siri. At Bottega Veneta, DANIEL LEE bears all – and flourishes. ADRIANO SACK talks Kraftwerk, Kippenberger, and West Berlin with CLAUDIA SKODA, fashion's unsung knitwear queen. Photo-based artist DEANA LAWSON shares images that once evaded public view, having landed instead on her cutting room floor. "Slowed and Throwed" icon DJ SCREW proves magnificent and immortal – in Houston, and around the globe. JACK SELF tours MATTHEW M. WILLIAMS' new abode: the house of Givenchy. Diamond-bejeweled Italian stream-screen sensation ALICE PAGANI leads LUKAS WASSMANN through an art-rich Roman Palazzo. Leading light of NY theater JEREMY O.HARRIS holds the stage at a mannerist Schloss in Austria for a BRUNO STAUB and MARC GOEHRING production. Elsewhere on the old continent, HUGO COMTE casts KRIS GRIKAITE in a Parisian roman-à-clef.

Plus: Société de 032c presents PROGNOSTIQUE DES TEMPS MODERNES with pop star Dua Lipa, menswear bromatics Jerry Lorenzo and Alessandro Sartori, artworld emulsifier Aria Dean, man in Milan Francesco Vezzoli, Twitter nihilist Nolen Gertz, distiller Max Luz, and musical futurist Gaika. At last, as ever, we turn the pages of our favorite books of the season in a new installment of BERLIN REVIEW.