TRAVEL DIARY: Marc Goehring’s Adventures as a Venetian Shoemaker for Louis Vuitton

TRAVEL DIARY: Marc Goehring’s Adventures as a Venetian Shoemaker for Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton just launched Now Yours Run Away, an opportunity to personalize sneakers made in the House’s own workshop in Fiesso d’Artico, Italy. There are seemingly endless possible combinations of materials, colors, and placements, so 032c fashion director Marc Goehring hopped on a plane (and a few gondolas) to get his kicks made and initialed IRL – and to check out the LV workshop: a 14,000 square meter geothermal temperature controlled facility with state of the art everything, plus some of the biggest shoes you’ve ever seen.

11 am: On my way to Venice, I made a quick stop in the Swiss Alps… #deepbreath

Leaking the new bag model like…

An LV warm welcome at Hotel Bauer 🎁🙏

Songe Park: tour guide, or my own personal Jeanne D’Arc?

Hotel Bauer got no chill!!! 🐦

LV 4 LIFE ft. Atiba Jefferson, Don C, Sean Wotherspoon #LV #VL 

I could do a 360 flip in these…

Bringing back the mannequin challenge 🤳

Goes to Venice once… #JokerVoice

Roses are red, 032c is red, hearts are red —-> ❤ Songe Park ❤


Dinner time at Da Ivo – the more you stare at this picture, the more you will observe!!! 👀👀

Btw, the restaurant’s real name is VIP ROOM… Omg Jude Low was here??!

Literally everyone at dinner after a couple of bottles #FiftyShadesOfLV

Tourists vs Veneziaaaa

Wasn’t “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” filmed in Venice..? 🆘🆘🆘

Everyone in Venice like…🤳🤳

“… LV, LV on the wall, who’s the hottest of them all… ?”

Another day, another boat 🛥

Arrived at Berghain… Glad there’s no line! Excited!!

Still my fave 💖💖💖 💋💋 Nicolas Ghesquière

Made it inside… TFW the Shoe Factory has an art gallery: ft. Alaïa heels, the LV archive, and even a Warhol 👨‍🎨

Size matters 👞

Taiga Workshop, Speedy Workshop, Alma Workshop, Nomade Workshop… #032cWorkshop 👜👜👜

As a big Lego fan, I was super psyched to find out you can design your own Louis Vuitton shoe!!

This is insane 🔥 Louis Vuitton 🔥

When he shows up at your place and wasn’t lying about the size… 😳

#TBT Tumblr 2007

Who’s that bitch Marc Goegring who copied my sneaker?????

Sneakerhats 4real tho 👟

To my man in the back, I feel you. We get it Sean, your shoes are lit!!!! 😤

⭐ Jersey Shore Season 5 ⭐

Another night, another boat…

Buona notte e grazie mille, Louis Vuitton! Baci baci 💋💋

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