Wear Your Support: ANTON BELINSKIY and 032c's FREE UKRAINE T-Shirt Design is Now OPEN SOURCE


The war in Ukraine rages on, which elicits feelings of anger, fear, and sometimes helplessness. But don’t give in to the latter. There is so much we can do. Movements across the world are providing aid to those fleeing or fighting Putin’s invasion. The world stands with Ukraine. And we do too.

To help fund relief on the ground, we collaborated with the Ukrainian designer Anton Belinskiy on a BENEFIT T-SHIRT. The t-shirt features Belinskiy's popular Ukrainian passport graphic on the front and the words FREE UKRAINE on the back, so that people can wear their support for Ukraine on the streets. We sold all 400 t-shirts in an hour.

100% OF ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to DEUTSCHES ROTES KREUZ, Nothilfe Ukraine and Voices of Children, Ukraine.

Although our store is now SOLD OUT of FREE UKRAINE T-SHIRTS, we know that many more people would like to wear their support for Ukraine. We have decided to make the t-shirt design OPEN SOURCE, so that people, brands, and institutions can continue to take action and raise funds by making their own t-shirts. Interested parties should contact Margo (margo.kirlan@gmail.com) at Anton Belinskiy Studio.

032c is happy to provide contacts for screen printers and promotion.

From war-torn Kyiv, Belinskiy spoke to 032c about the significance of the passport design and how those who want to help Ukrainians can make a difference.

Image: Vladyslav Andrievsky

The UN estimated that one million people have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion last week. Do you plan to remain in Kyiv? What does it feel like to be in the city right now?

Yes, my family and I are planning to remain in Kyiv. We don’t want to leave the country yet. It is our home and we want to help as much as we can. My sister is considering leaving Ukraine soon with her baby, but war is all around us in Kyiv, and we can’t tell if it will be safe for her to cross the border, especially alone.

How does it feel to be in Kyiv? How can I explain? It was scary at first, but it isn’t anymore. People are very adaptable and it is easy to get used to things, good or bad. Right now, we are just living through the moment and trying to stay safe, as much as we can. All together.

I heard your studio space has already been impacted?

The area where our studio is located was recently bombed, but we don’t know the extent of the damages and are unable to check. We don’t have connections to anyone from studio’s building, where many other artists’ studios, modelling agencies, and graphic design offices are located, and the neighborhood is currently occupied by the Russian military.

You have incorporated images of the Ukrainian passport into your garments throughout the years. Can you explain the significance of the passport as a symbol, both to you personally and to the Ukrainian people at large?

The Ukrainian passport is a historical symbol representing our heritage. But to me, the idea of a passport is about where people belong, what burdens them, and who they want to be. The Ukrainian passport has changed drastically throughout history. Even in the time that I’ve been incorporating passport imagery into my garments, it has changed from paper to biometric. The evolution of identity documents interests me.

What is the most effective way for people to support Ukrainians right now? How can those who don't have the expendable income to donate still make a meaningful contribution?

Pray for us, even if you aren’t religious. Pray to whatever you believe in. It is also important to remain calm, keep your heart open and fill yourself with thoughts of peace. That might sound too simple or optimistic, but I believe that evil will fade and good will come. We are now at a breaking point – not just Ukraine, the whole world. Everyone can help in one way or another. Whatever you do, please do not stay silent.

Most of all, I feel sorry for the children. The children who are now sleeping in the subway and have no home to return to. They barely understand what is happening but must endure all of the hell of war. I would urge people to donate to voices.org.ua, an organization that helps Ukrainian children. Children are our future, and I hope that their faces will light up the pages of Ukrainian passports in the years to come.


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