Video Premiere: SUPREME Goes Inside the Studio of RAYMOND PETTIBON

Through his work for bands such as Black Flag and Sonic Youth, artist RAYMOND PETTIBON defined the visual identity of American punk culture. With a delivery that is at once clever and violent, Pettibon’s work portrays the anti-authoritarian sentiment of marginal youth culture through a vocabulary of signature tropes—ranging from Charles Manson to jocks to cartoon characters to buffoonish cops to homicidal teenage punks.

Now a legend and a contemporary art figure in his own right, Pettibon has collaborated with SUPREME on a small collection of items including two skateboarding decks, a hooded work jacket, a pullover sweatshirt, and two artist’s T-shirts.

On the occasion of their new collaboration, Supreme went inside Pettibon’s studio to discuss his legacy as the quintessential “punk artist”:


Pettibon’s collection with Supreme will be available in-store in New York, Los Angeles, London, and online September 18th. 


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