UNBOXING LOEWE: For Jonathan Anderson, SS2021 Is Not Just Digital

Men’s fashion weeks in Paris and Milan have gone digital this month in lieu of the usual runway roll out of many brands’ Spring/Summer 2021 collections – a trial run of a new format in the eyes of some, a one-off ahead of a return to live shows in September for others. Among the European labels that have seized the opportunity to experiment with new formats is LOEWE. Under the creative directorship of JONATHAN ANDERSON, the Spanish luxury house has replaced the typical presentation with a “show-in-a-box” concept, taking form as a 24-hour multi-platform event comprised of hourly digital releases on the label’s Instagram channel and website, as well as curated packages of physical materials mailed out to the homes and offices (and home offices) of would-be fashion show guests.


The project debuted early this morning with a virtual “front row” shot long distance by photographer and director AIDAN ZAMIRI, who created a group video portrait of artists, musicians, models, and other creatives participating from all over the world. Today’s line-up has already included an introduction to the SS2021 menswear and women’s pre-fall collections by Anderson, as well as conversations between the Loewe designer and his creative collaborators, a musical program commissioned by Grammy-winning producer KINDNESS, and a guided tour of the “box” itself by creative studio M/M Paris. Later tonight, Anderson will return to the feed to have dinner with photographer TYLER MITCHELL, who has shot several campaign books for the brand, before the show concludes with a tour of the Loewe factory in Madrid and a look at the work of American painter PAUL CADMUS, one of the season’s inspirations.

BELOW: AIDAN ZAMIRI’s “Front Row” for LOEWE SS2021, ft. Zico (Korea), ZTAO (China), Fabien Conti (France), Matthew Henson (USA), Pascal Moscheni (Spain), Jyrrel Roberts (UK), and Nassim Guizani (France). 

See the full LOEWE show-in-a-box HERE.

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