PRODUCT REVIEW: The Barbour x Margaret Howell Hayden Waxed Mac ☔

Like any Brit, BARBOUR makes me think of Prince Charles, who against all the odds is emerging as the least problematic royal. But what we have here is an altogether more modern affair. Margaret Howell, beloved by architects who are bored of Cos and by people who like to insist that pottery is an art not a craft, has taken your favorite royal’s favorite coat and made it long, dark, and as mysterious as Prince Andrew’s whereabouts on 10 March 2001.

Let me be clear: this is a VERY nice coat. If buying new shoes no longer keeps The Emptiness at bay, this might. It’s crisp as crisps, midnight blue, and still posh, but in an Oscar Wilde-ish, squander-an-inheritance kind of way – think a Hugh Grant character with a hangover. You look perpetually like you’ve just taken a long-haul flight, you use the word “ennui” with enough of a French accent that people know you have a favorite arrondissement, and no one in your family quite knows what you actually do. Cop the coat HERE, and look like the nephew your judgiest Aunt has always thought you were.

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