“If I didn’t have skateboarding in my life, I have no idea what I’d be doing. I’ve been traveling the world on skate trips since I was 15. I owe all my achievements, working with Gosha Rubchinskiy on our brand PACCBET, and the new skate store OKTYABR, to skating. The idea of opening a store in Moscow came to us naturally. We wanted to put a pin on the map – like Civilist in Berlin or Slam City Skates in London – a place to bring people together, a place of power.”


  • Photography
    Jonas Lindstroem
  • Fashion
    Marc Goehring


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  • Gaby Sahhar’s SECOND HOME at Sweetwater Berlin

    "Physical changes to the architecture of a gentrifying urban space can often feel surreal and unnerving. They create a fake form of universal happiness associated with that deadly marketing phrase quality of life. Each incremental shift pushes the self, especially the queer self, to homogenize – something you want to reject, but in time is unavoidable."More