SILENT MADNESS: Mowalola and Jordan Hemingway present a psycho-techno-fashion thriller

MOWALOLA and JORDAN HEMINGWAY release “SILENT MADNESS,” a film that represents their ongoing collaboration following the exhibition of the same name, which opened at London’s NOW Gallery in early December. Directed by Hemingway and starring category-defying musician Yves Tumor, “SILENT MADNESS” is sonically muted, and generally disquieting–– a disruptively emotive scratch on the the fashion world’s freshly burnished exterior.

All clothing: Mowalola Spring/Summer 2020.

“I design and create for the kind of world I desire to live in, where black art is celebrated, owned by black people and not stolen. Where men and women are able to express themselves sexually without being judged or labeled. I feel as humans we are all multidimensional and do not fit into societies set conditions. I’d like for people to be able to believe in themselves trust their ideas and use their voices as we are all powerful. I collaborate with people I know that share my vision and have strong ideas of sparking change in the world through their art.”

Read “Found Futures: Introducing the Mowalola Man,” our 2018 interview with rising star fashion designer.

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