WHAT WE READ: Six Essential Stories

“When you can make jeans better than Levi’s, that will be the time to start talking about national pride” – one young, disgruntled reader of Pravda in 1984, quoted on Dazed Digital.

In the rush to produce content related to post-Soviet fashion, Dazed Digital have this good piece, looking at the links between 501s and the fall of the Soviet Union. Read more: Exploring the USSR’s underground obsession with Levi’s 501s.

“He liked to work with reality, and flatter it. I’m trying to work with that” – Demna Gvasalia on Cristobal Balenciaga, interviewed for Vogue.

Elsewhere, Vogue have interviewed Vetements’s Demna Gvaslia (featuring one of Annie Leibovitz’s gloomiest shoots ever). Read more: How Demna Gvasalia Is Revolutionizing Balenciaga From the Inside Out. See also: 032c’s 2015 interview with Demna Gvasalia.

“‘Ich bin ein Reiseführer in die Geschichte’ [‘I am a travel guide to history’]” – Eric Hobsbawm in The London Review of Books 

The London Review Of Book’s longrunning Diary series – in which writers send reports from around the world – has been taken out from behind the paywall. Click here to see a selection embedded onto a map, and/or read Eric Hobsbawm’s instalment, reflecting on 75 years of history in Berlin. See also: Eric Hobsbawm’s 2011 interview in 032c, “It Wasn’t Main Street.”

“Could it be the internet “starts to dream of itself”? I call it my von Clausewitz question. Originally it comes from the war theorist Carl von Clausewitz in Napoleonic times. He famously said “War sometimes dreams of itself.” I found it a deep observation and I asked several individuals and no one had a real answer. Sometimes a deep question is better than a straight answer. I think we should start to develop deep questions of what we are doing here with the internet and what the internet is doing on its own. Nobody has a clue.” – Werner Herzog in the New York Times

Around the release of his new film Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World, The New York Times has interviewed Werner Herzog. Read more: Werner Herzog Says ‘The Internet Has Its Glorious Side.’ See also: 032c’s 2013 interview with Werner Herzog.

“I wonder, as people often do, whether Bannon is nuts … ” – Joshua Green on Steve Bannon, head of Breitbart news and Donald Trump’s new campaign chief in Bloomberg

With the announcement that far-right conspiracy site Breitbart’s executive chairman was appointed Donald Trump’s campaign chief, this 2015 profile of Steve Bannon has sudden, significant importance. Among its many excellent nuggets is the revelation that the most senior member of staff behind a serious contender for the presidency of the United States is inspired by Honey Badger, a meme about an aggressively insouciant African predator. Read more: This Man Is the Most Dangerous Political Operative in America.

“‘It’s almost like an Internet hack’ in its ability to draw so much attention” – Zsolt Miklosvolgyi, a Hungarian living in Berlin, quoted in the Wall Street Journal, talking about Kanye West’s temporary The Life Of Pablo merchandise stores

And finally, the Wall Street Journal on Kanye West’s temporary store, hosted by 032c WORKSHOP at our space in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Read more: Fans Line Up for Kanye West’s ‘Life of Pablo’ Pop-Up Shops.


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