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A sanctum for your morning elixir. Unlike the barista (shaking and hungover) we, at the 032c Workshop have put in extra care to spell each word correctly. The 032c Workshop cup is a trustworthy vessel that keeps your drink hot and your hands cool.

This printed reusable thermal mug is produced entirely in Europe, is made from 100% polypropylene, BPA-free and can be fully recycled. Thanks to double-walled insulation, the temperature of the drinks remains constant over a long period of time and is not released onto the outside wall.

The cup and lid are unbreakable and very stable. The lid with a tight-fitting, all-round thread provides particularly secure protection for hot drinks. Screw on the lid clockwise, unscrew the lid anti-clockwise. Do not fill in carbonated drinks! Cleaning in household dishwashers on the top shelf (programs up to PP max. 60°) possible.  

Hot liquids can cause burns. Fill in liquids up to a maximum of just below the edge of the thread. If the cup tips over, liquid may leak from the drinking opening. Before drinking, make sure the lid is screwed tightly onto the cup. To avoid burns, please note that when drinking from a thermal mug with a lid, the temperature of the liquid may be hotter than expected. Not suitable for small children.


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