032c Classics GOTS T-Shirt Black

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The 032c Classics Collection was created for simplicity, quality, and versatility – for wearability in any context, and sustained style through any shift in trend. That's why we chose 032c Classics as our first line of products to be fully certified by the rigorous Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The world’s leading processing standard for organic clothing, the GOTS certificate sets the highest level environmental and social criteria along the entire supply chain, defined by organizations with expertise in organic production. We’ve always used organic, ethical materials, but with the GOTS-approved Classics Collection, we’re doubling down, using this release as a test case in what real sustainability looks like for the imminent future of 032c Apparel and Ready-to-Wear. Because in design, we admit that sometimes less is more – but in practice and commitment, more is always more. 


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