PHOTO DIARY: Marc Goehring Went to SAINT LAURENT’s Spring 2019 Menswear Show and it was Major

Last week, 032c Fashion Director Marc Goehring left our Berlin HQ for New York City’s South City Seaport, where Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello unveiled his first fully-fledged menswear collection for the label. Here’s what happened, in pictures. (Warning: NSFW.)

It is early. So early that when you arrive at the airport the staff haven’t even arrived yet. They’re taking no chances. There’s no way I am missing this flight . . .

Ready for takeoff: schmood.

Finally boarding, but there’s always time for a bathroom selfie – because, FASHION.

Look, a bespoke edition of The New York Times. “Gay in India,” “Celebrities confuse pop and politics”… they know me :)

Delta Airlines is LIT. Please also note my primo product placement skills – always on brand.,

So psyched for NYC.

After three attempts at the picture, I’m allowed in.

Sassiest airport pick-up ever.

Candle, lighter, chocolates, roses, an iPad case, and a booklet with my schedule. Saint Laurent x New York Edition Hotel = Major.

I mean . . . views.

I may have extreme jetlag, but Anthony, merci. *Lights welcome card on fire and reads candle.*

Second best branded lighter I ever smoked with.

When fashion month kicks in. Bleeding gums! Great start.

Literally everybody is here. Helmut Lang digital editor Ava Nirui is catching up with 032c Issue 34: The Big Flat Now.

Everyone is saying the best party tonight will be Beige. I don’t know what this means but I am, naturally, interested.

Turns out it’s a one-night reboot of Erich Conrad´s *legendary* NYC Tuesday night party, Beige. #RIPBeige #LongLiveBeige

#BeigeEstMort #ViveLeBeige

One second it’s “I love your European accent,” and the next, this. Time for bed.

Good Afternoon, it’s your old friend, jetlag! But still, views.

How much sleep do humans need anyway? Two hours? Looking forward to the Saint Yanny show later.

Better than Bode-Museum! (And conveniently, it’s next to the hotel. Shout out to Saint Laurent, they also know me.) What follows is a short excursion through the museum of sex. Animal edition.


Even the pu**y is tired of the pu**y.


I mean . . . “Panda porn”? I think I downloaded the wrong movie.

A little shopping before YSL. Some kind of vending machine. Help.

Signed printouts from Scott Schuman, Sartorialist and total pro.

Speaking of professionalism. Buongiorno. SL killing it again. Thanks for the glasses.

Have to get dressed now. It’s ok nobody sent me today’s schedule.

Fuck. Turns out fashion shows involve more than sitting and Instagramming . . .

Scenes. SL totally blocking Madison Avenue. Just for me? Thanks guys!

Everyone wanted a photo with this parking meter. I don’t know why.


On my way!

Don’t forget to hydrate, kids. Like me.

Why put up a poster when you can put up a fucking mural? So extra. So NYC.

Planes, trains, and shuttles.

Jurassic Park has NOTHING on Saint Laurent. All other fashion shows are cancelled.

Exclusive sightseeing tour. Skyline. Liberty Statue. Beautiful peoples. Viewz.

That. Set.

So hot.

Fashion class of 2018 makes their way to school.

I found him. Mel Ottenberg <3 #scarftwins #saintlaurent

This one speaks for itself. Can we take a minute to appreciate my personal marble bathroom fantasy. They did everything.

SL pashmina.

Now I understand why we needed a boat. Nighttime viewz. High five Anthony Vaccarello.

SL’s new muse: Lennon Gallagher. You can watch the full show online. Didn’t need to leave Berlin!


Haven’t I seen this in another city? Is it a flat pack? IKEA x SL present Schmågnœr for all your Scandinavian heavy metal needs.

Hmm, decisions. Also, Warhol vs. Basquiat much?

Pull up to the schiff like.

My Great Gatsby moment from the stairwell. Caviar and champagne. I’ve arrived.

Admiring this purple tip. Time for bed.

Feeling breezy. Ready to re-see.

Styled by Marc Goehring.

Post-Saint Laurent schmood: totally zen. Eyes closed. Surrounded by flowers. Ready to return to Berlin.

Follow Marc Goehring on Instagram and check the official backstage images here:

Text and Photograpy MARC GOEHRING

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