PHOTO DIARY: Marc Goehring Plays Hide & Seek in the Lavender Fields at JACQUEMUS’ 10 Year Anniversary

Simon Porte Jacquemus’ eponymous label turned ten this year. For the anniversary show, he moved his runway from the beach to the lavender fields of his native South of France. 032c Fashion Director Marc Goehring was on hand with sunscreen, cigarettes, and lots and lots of purple flowers:

Bonjourno – After 2 Weeks of Fashion Week … EaSy CaLlTiMe *bisous* Jacquemus

THE PARIS BREAKFAST CLUB – two cigarettes a day keepin the hunger away…

With my Euro-Star Divna Susa on our way to Orly!

What are doing in your free time? Wrestling my Luggage!

Beep Beep… all scanned… all checked in …we are ready to take off! (Co-Pilot Divna Susa)

Sky Priority Diamond Crystal Member Lucien Pages is making sure everyone from the Fashion Class 2019 arrives in time!

Kind of into Orly Smoking Area’s Art Selection!

This is how you travel!!!! <3 Joana Preiss

Lucien Pages literally chartered a whole plane…. the Victoria Secret Angels are on their way to Marseille (👼 Loïc Prigent, Julien Da Costa, Saskia Lawaks, Ben Cobb 👼)

I am ready… 🧜‍♀️

Welcome to Marseille

I guess I found my Grrriver 🐻🚕

Welcoming all my colleagues at my weekend-residency “Château de Fonscolombe

Other people have a Tribal Tattoo – I got a freakin Tribal Garden

Deep Lunch Conversations with the Fashion Class (Tiffany Hsu aka Business Tina, Susie Bubble, Luke Day & Ben Cobb) … and by deep I mean talking about conversation about how to wash your hair, a millionaires dating show in the UK and of course what to wear tonight… #fashion #letuslive

My kinda lunch… YUM

“Accidentally” destroyed some pieces inside the chateau…  btw here’s a picture of one of the guys who renovated the chateau 💦💦

In our room: Schedule + Lavender-Swarovski……

Never not working (pt 1) … Alexander Fury is enjoying the Landscape, on our way to the show!

Fabrice Paineau 50% Editor in Chief of Double Magazine and Creative Director of LVMH 50% Romantic Landscape Photographer

Le Entrance to the Jacquemus 10 Year Anniversary Show

Jacquemus Show Welcome Gifts


… but first take your shoes off please!

A wild lavender WOOF appears…

The whole Family is here…. hiiiiiiii Pierre-Ange Carlotti 

talking about family… hiiiii Thomas Lohr… he’s the real deal… I mean bringing candied almonds … yes daddy!!!

Ultra Bo Gosse Yoann Maestri giving us mega Jacquemus Le Gadjo Vibes…

The Umbrella Academy

Windows Screensaver Summer Drone

My all time fashion show neighbor Nick Vogelson and Me are ready for the show…

The Jacquemus 10 Year Anniversary Show did not disappoint at all: Baggy jeans, Fanny Nets, Hats and Sick Prints, Jacquemus Timbs, even tinnier Bags, Big Hats and strong Socks!!! what else??? Love!!!

Side A of a Fashion Show

Side B of a Fashion Show

BRAVVOOOOOO Simon Porte Jacquemus 👏👏👏


WhEn ThE LaVeNdEr KiCkZ iN… Elena Cavagnara

Team Loïc Prigent + Lavender Trade Sébastien Jondeau

Mirror Mirror in the Lavender Field…

Party Time

Burning Man aka L’Homme Brûlant

no caption needed…

Another high five… another music porn …. Clara 3000

Your favorite white trash trailer park family… <3 Ramona Eschbach

It’s getting packed…

Woop Woop

Never Not Working (pt 2) :-( … Jonathan Ros from Lucien Pages

032c #32 Cover Star Mica Argañaraz before the Jacquemus 10 Year Anniversary Kicks in…

032c #32 Cover Star Mica Argañaraz after the Jacquemus 10 Year Anniversary Kicks in…

I remember what my parents always said… as soon as you wear your shirt as a hat it’s a lit party!

Simon seems happy… and if Simon is happy … I am happy!

Good One!

Gute Nacht 😉 #SwarovskiLavender #Jacquemus

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