PHOTO DIARY: Marc Goehring Grabs a Front Row Beach Towel at JACQUEMUS’ Menswear Debut

After the Men’s Spring/Summer 2019 shows in Paris, 032c Fashion Director Marc Goehring took a train to Marseille, where Simon Porte Jacquemus launched his first-ever men’s collection earlier this week. Jacquemus’ “Le Gadjo” line is designed for the Mediterranean boy at heart – so obviously the défilé took place on a secluded beach, where guests sat on beach towels and had Pastis and ice cream. Marc came back to our Berlin HQ with this travel diary:

Me after a month traveling. Time for the highlight. (So savage.) Jacquemus!

Lucien Pagès Communications pick-up to the train station in Paris . . . LIT!

Bonjour Paris! Une Pill avec Pill de Pill – breakfast :)

Quick fag.

Fashion class of 2018 – love you guys, let’s change the world!!!

The Paris-Marseille train. Marc’s travel bad luck strikes once again: “Retard 20mn.”

J. W. Anderson comms director Divna Susa is . . . ready for Bangkok!

“Pack lightly they said.” – Luke Day, GQ.

Travel reading by Arena Homme + editor Ashley Heath. (The graphic novel is on loan from stylist Tom Guinness.)

I of course just read Instagram. #lit #literature

We’re not actually moving.

You know what they say, the bigger the battery charger . . .


What happened to this child???? Can’t wait to hit the beach and find out.

Welcome to Marseille! The city in a can.

Happy Pride everyone!

Beach towel: Check. Mints: Check. Bag: Check. Let’s get wet.

Pro tip: wear all the belts you can. Safety first.

Location. #VIEWS

The man of the hour. Jacquemus! (Jacquemoan.)

Woke up at 5am to save my spot. This is how Germans do a fashion front row. Danke schön!

OMG I met the famous dog from the campaign. She is major. 🤤

“Toxicoco” ice lolly. Want.


The whole family’s here. Monsieur Pierre-Ange Carlotti.

Best front row ever. Shout out to Simon Porte Jacquemus.

A shot of my sausage legs. #basic

Loïc Prigent. Hi Loïc!

The Germans <3 Tobias Frericks.

The boss. Lucien Pagès. 1, 2, testing. 1, 2.

Waiting for the boyyyyys.

Iconic Jacquemus hat – but now for men. I could mug this model, easy. But I won’t. I will wait.

Omg he also has one . . . wait.

That feeling when you have to walk the beach runway at 6pm but are interviewing for your dream job at 7pm. #prepared.

I mean, hell yeah.

This is me – coming soon. I love you Jacquemus.

Victory lap. Congrats!

Jacquemus schmood.

Music porn. Clara 3000.

Immediately download Bo Gosse by Disiz la Peste. Show music. Extra.

Lewks number 1.

Lewks number 2.

Thanks for the beanie!

On the way to the after-party. Jealous yet?

This is what I call an after-party. Sorry about the tree – nature is wild in France.

Goes to Marseille once – immediately gets drawn by Richard Haines: artist, father, Brooklynite. NOT A FINSTA!

Clara 3000’s support band. (The guy on the right’s guitar . . . )

Shout out to our agency TOTAL MANAGEMENT – and Elena Cavagnara.

Paella time.

Some many doggos. New friends! Fuck humans.

Conversation about fashion. Woof woof blah blah.

When the party kicks in: Belsunce Breakdown by Bouga. Sound on.

The invite said please bring your swimwear. I did. Here it is!

Early morning balcony. #views

I have the feeling it’s all about animals in Marseille. I like.

Me leaving Marseille.

Remember the child from beginning? This is me. I understand now.

Au revoir Marseille, thank you for everything. Bisous!

Follow Marc Goehring on Instagram and check out the official video and images from Jacquemus’ “Le Gadjo” SS19 here:

Text and Photography MARC GOEHRING

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