PASSAGEN: Watch Claudia Skoda x Max von Gumppenberg

In Issue #38, we told the story of Claudia Skoda, our local knitwear legend who gave designer Marc Newson his Berlin break, artist Martin Kippenger the benefit of the doubt, and the band Kraftwerk a run for their money. Her retrospective “Dressed to Thrill,” which brought more than 200 original designs to Berlin’s KULTURFORUM, closed on August 29, 2021. But Skoda’s story continues in Passagen, a film collaboration with 032c contributor Max von Gumppenberg. Now you can watch the 15 minute, three-act-rumination on the emotional value of clothing – illustrated by a montage of dance, discussion and design – here on 032c.

Read Skoda’s colorful recount of loft-living in 1980s Berlin, making accidental techno records before techno even existed, and failing to keep Iggy Pop out of her medicine cabinet HERE.

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