032c Apparel LoveSexDreams by NIKI PAULS

NIKI PAULS and 032c go way back. She’s been a Société de 032c fixture and a fashion contributor to 032c magazine, and she’s curated the music program for our legendary 032c Bar Nights. When she isn’t styling and consulting in Paris or internationally, Niki is mostly based in Berlin. She was one of the minds behind the German capital’s BROKEN HEARTS CLUB and the French one’s CICCIOLINA, two scene-defining parties where her hosting prowess crystallized an art-fashion-music world nexus. Niki’s personal going out style – you could call it dark wave techno eclecticism – is notoriously on point, but even when the dance floors are closed, she knows how to put a look together. For this shoot she took the new 032c Apparel LoveSexDreams collection – a quarantine favorite – for a spin at home and in Berlin (paired, occasionally, with some Personal Protective Equipment).

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