MIRRORS FOR PRINCES: Wigs, Mesh, and Life Lessons

In their new editorial for 032c.com, photographer ETIENNE SAINT-DENIS and stylist LU PHILIPPE GUILMETTE bring us the story of a skatepark waif’s sartorial education at the hands of his new godmother:


Photographer : Etienne Saint-Denis
Stylist : Lu Philippe Guilmette
Grooming : Rafael Estrella Dunn
Models : Charlie Shulz @ Montage Models & Ana La Sabrosa


  • “Sometimes lyrics try to force you what to think, and me being a Dance music producer, I always take into consideration letting my songs have space to breathe. I felt like getting what I wanted to say across– just, “I miss those seven day weekends–” was good enough. And let people use the rest of the song to picture those memories for themselves.”

    We spoke to UNIIQU3 on her new track “7 Day Weekends,” which was written, produced, recorded and dropped while under quarantine, and speculated on Corona virus’ impact on club culture. Read our full interview with New Jersey’s Club Queen 👑👑👑

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