Mile-high spirit: architect SAM CHERMAYEFF in his urban installation in downtown Denver, part of the Biennial of the Americas 2013. Co-curated by 032c editor-at-large CARSON CHAN. The exhibition, titled “Draft Urbanism,” is now open to the public, and includes 4 architecture installations and more than 30 billboards by international artists.



    This October, BLAU - the German-speaking world’s highest-circulation art magazine - launched its English-language version. “We believe in the transformative power of art, that not everything is interesting and urgent, and that you needn’t speak with everyone and be everywhere," says editor-in-chief Cornelius Tittel. "We consciously run the risk of missing out on the occasional shooting star born after 1989. But that leaves us time to take a new look at old masters." 032c sits down with Tittel in the magazine's Berlin Kurfürstendamm HQ. More