TRAVEL DIARY: Marc Goehring’s Moncler Genius Building Experience, Milan Fashion Week 2019

Conceived by Moncler Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini, the Moncler Genius project entered its second year during Milan Fashion Week 2019, inducting designers Richard Quinn, Matthew Williams, Veronica Leoni, and Sergio Zambon into its cohort of Geniuses hand-picked to reinterpret the brand’s identity. Housed in a single building on Via Ferrante Aporti, the latest presentation in the Genius project took form as a wonderland of rooms – or tunnels – in which each of the nine experimental collections unfolded under the motto: “One House, Different Voices.” The show is now open to the public, but before the crowds rushed in we sent 032c Fashion Director to experience its many rooms in private – something he eventually did, after succumbing to a small Hollywood moment . . .

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the 2019 Milano Academy Awards! I’m extremely honored to be receiving such an important award: The #MONCLERGENIUS invitation! I would like to thank the Academy, God, and the Remo Ruffini, without whom Moncler just wouldn’t be Moncler. I would also like to thank my loving parents. Without them, I would not be this cool.

Buongiorno Milano! All our drivers didn’t show up – but who needs a driver when you’ve got friends like Jan-Michael Quammie, style director at Highsnobiety, and Luigi Vitali, EiC and Publisher at Dust?

ONE HOUSE, DIFFERENT VOICES. #MONCLERGENIUS campaign shot by 032c family member Thomas Lohr.

Arrives at Hotel Me Duca like “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” Bespoke mirror quote pour moi. Grazie.

In my language, we have a saying: Ordung ist das halbe Leben! 🇩🇪🇩🇪

Oscars goodie bag, including a down jacket trophy holder. #schmoood

The “duck face” selfie has been replaced by the “bear face.” Ready with my Moncler glasses. Danke.

Moncler Headquarters – SEX!

ICE, Portraits of Vanishing Glaciers, by JAMES BALOG. Moncler HQ in-house library. Brain candy.

Fitting #schmoood – Safety First!

Moncler Genius x Craig Green 2020!?!?



Oscars 2019 press preview. Good to be here.

Furries are now illegal in Germany. In Italy they’ve been hunted for many years. SAD!

Room #1 on my itinerary: Moncler x Moncler Grenoble.

Ciaooooo Angelo Flaccavento!

Room #2: Moncler Genius x Palm Angels.

The Human Centipede (Moncler Edition)??

Room #3: Moncler Genius x Moncler 1952 (x Final Round from Crystal Maze).

Room #4: Moncler Genius x Richard Quinn.


Hmmm it’s getting windy, which means just one thing . . .

Moncler Genius x Craig Green!!!!

A “how to pack” tutorial by the master, Craig Green, for my room #4.

I mean, turbine #Schmooooooooooood.

Great show! . . . Unless you are a shoe. Our shoes were NOT HAPPY.

Grandma, why do you have such big eyes?

All the better see you with.

Grandma, why do you have such a lit jacket?

Because Moncler Genius x Simone Rocha (Room #5).


Moncler Geniu$$$$ Gangsta Skwad.

Room #6: Moncler Genius x Poldo Dog Couture.

Room #7: Moncler Genius x Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara.

Looks even crazier on acid. Just sayin.

Yes my dude . . . believe your lens . . . zoom in . . . . buckle time.

Room #8: Moncler Genius x Alyx.

Master Pierpaolo Piccioli!

We have arrived in Room #9: Moncler Genius x Pierpaolo Piccioli.

“At first it hurt, but then my body got used to it.”

Three hours until the show opens . . . that’s right, VIP preview biiiiiitch.

Okkkuuurrrrr . . . drivers #MFW

Moncler Marketing Level Genius. You can see this ad from literally every angle in Milano.

Quick panino giusto with Brigitte Chartrand from SSENSE.

Let’s gooooooooooo!

Let’s see if the underwear will make it 😉😉

Ambulance is ready for me.

Riot or Moncler Genius presentation? You decide.

Me, in this room:

Matthew Williams and Tim Blanks – from behind.

Oh hai babe!!!!!! Strike a pose.

Palm Angels target practice!

Awww, la Familia Frost!

Kerwin Frost and Erin Frost.

Dinner or Dungeons and Dragons? No idea.

This is how you throw a dinner party in Milano, bitch!!

Final room: Moncler Genius x Ouija Board.

From now on, NO PHOTOS ALLOWED. Whatever happens in Milano stays in Milano. Baci baci 🔥🔥

Over in Europe they call it a Macaron with cheese. #Fusion.

For more information on the designers involved in the Moncler Genius project visit To see Marc’s previous investigation to see Craig Green’s first collaborative collection installed at SSENSE Montréal, click here. The Moncler Building is open to the public now: Via Ferrante Aporti, 9, Milan, Italy 20125.

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