The Enemy Is Not Pictured: STEWART UOO and HEJI SHIN’s “No Tears in Rain”

Artists STEWART UOO and HEJI SHIN’s series of images—made on the occasion of Uoo’s recent exhibition at Galerie Buchholz, No Tears in Rain—channel desire, style, and violence onto the body. “The narrative loosely refers to cinema and shooter video games,” says Uoo, who cast New York club/social media/art & fashion stars Juliana Huxtable, DeSe Escobar, and Eliot Glass as subjects. Shot in a modern SoHo apartment with views of the financial district skyline and in the now defunct Bushwick warehouse club Steeldrums, “the models are set between scenes of trauma in the chase. The enemy is not pictured.” Here, power and damage redouble as feelings.


ConceptStewart Uoo
PhotographyHeji Shin
StylistJulien Alleyne
TalentDeSe Escobar, Juliana Huxtable, Eliot Glass
MakeupMichael Anthony @ Willhelmina
HairJoey George @ Artlist
NailsKana Kishita
ProductionMarcus Chang & Erin Grant
Special thanks to Edward Lorenz, Sherry Matthew, & Michael Potvin

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