FREE DOWNLOAD: 032c “QUARANTÄNE!” Fanzine and Lookbook

A brand new zine feat. Marc Goehring in the latest 032c Apparel – hot off the export queue and delivered straight to your downloads folder.
“We want you to GO INSIDE – your house, and your self. Everything is about interiors now: the interior of your home, your mind, your archive, your hard drive. Mine it all for insight and purpose.

Once that’s done, show off what you find – just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you can’t share from within. There is no such thing as “too much information” now; Covid-19 took out “TMI.” In fact, there is no more “enough” – enough data, enough circulation, enough fodder. Binge on it. Burn out on it. Document it. Post it. Build a website for it. Get turned on by it. Get freaked out by it. Open up your screens, talk about your dreams, slide into those DMs. Get dressed up to go absolutely nowhere. Never go out, but leave nothing “behind the scenes” – there is no “behind,” and no “in front of” either. There is only “now,” and it is Big and Flat.
Closeness happens at a distance here, but dialogue has never been this intimate. Your private hygiene is a matter of public health, your personal cloister backdrops community debate. Dualities – east and west, north and south, us and them, out and in – melt into each other and coat the old world like lava, like an act of god. In the New Interior isolation is a commons, the self that inhabits it is a collective. Historical moments stack vertically and occur simultaneously, around the globe. Welcome to the novel sanctum sanctorum, the single-occupant House of We.

Now, for your sermon…”


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