LIL UZI VERT Isn’t a Satanist

Cassidy George

People often ask: “‘Hey Lil Uzi, how are you doing today? Are you a Satanist?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know, sir, are you a Republican?’”


After years of waiting for a new Lil Uzi Vert album, Pink Tape has finally dropped. Featuring “Just Wanna Rock,” a Jersey beat track that took the world by storm, Pink Tape is typical Uzi, full of chants (“whoa!”), hard beats, and melodic tracks. But, as they told Cassidy George in the current issue of 032c, they’re “more experimental now” and the new album is a testament to this. As a result, Lil Uzi is convinced that “there are going to be a lot of judgmental thoughts” about the album because “judgment always comes when I decide to make music for myself.”


In the interview, Lil Uzi explains why becoming sober has aided this experimental development. Previously, drugs had helped them “focus on one sound” to “get really good at it,” but now that they’re sober, they can “focus on different things.”

Another big change for Lil Uzi was when they stopped identifying as male and started using gender neutral pronouns. For them, this has nothing to do with bravery, even though it’s uncommon in the male-dominant world of hip hop:

“Bravery has only a ten percent chance of living. I’m not brave at all. I just think good product is good product. Think about fashion: gay and trans designers are some of the biggest talents out there, and gangster-ass guys wear their stuff without a thought. What you make is what matters, not how you identify.”

Read the rest of the interview in the current issue of 032c to find out what Lil Uzi would be if they weren’t a musician, and which rock bands inspired them the most.

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