Creative Director JEANNE-SALOMÉ ROCHAT Shares 15 of Her Favorite Tumblrs

JEANNE-SALOMÉ ROCHAT is the creative director behind Sang Bleu, with Maxime Büchi, and Novembre magazines. This spring Rochat will open a private showroom in Berlin dedicated to arts, crafts, and science: stay tuned! In the meantime, 032c put her on Tumblr watch. Here are her picks:

First and foremost:

Dreams of a Russian Second Life® avatar:

Novembre Magazine’s Florence Tétier’s giant moodboard:

Cyberkunt chic:

Artist Richard Prince’s personal diary:

Purple and plastic:

Images and thoughts on the history of non-Western historical fashion:

Vancouver artist Roy Arden’s archive:

For the digital scan & skincare obsessed:

Blood, black light, and Pokémon:

Photographer Bart Hess’s collection of gooey images:

T&A with a few makeup inspiration images in between:

Memories of a beach vacation with mom, c. 1996:

Archaeological sportswear finds:

ゴッドハンド :

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