CHRISTOPHE CHEMIN Opening and Société de 032c Bar Night

CHRISTOPHE CHEMIN Opening and Société de 032c Bar Night

Christophe Chemin’s exhibition in the 032c Workshop vitrine is an explosion of his creative world: snatches from the French Revolutionary calendar and renaissance masterpieces hang next to pictures of German punks and the mythic fever dreams of his prints for Prada. For the opening, the Société de 032c came out in force: click through to see what went down, and do come down to see the exhibition.

Christophe Chemin for Prada: keep your daisies for the cold days is on show at 032c Workshop, St Agnes, Alexandrinenstr. 118-121 until 25 April. Buy a poster here, and come visit Mon-Fri 12-6pm.

Karen Orton and Charlie Jones.

Anton Strauch and friends outside 032c's St Agnes exhibition and office space.

032c assistant editors Eva Kelley and Bianca Heuser and friends.

Christoph Amend and Mac Folkes.

Valerie Pomme and Madeleine Machold.

Helene Hegemann with Joerg Koch.

Volker Ehofer.

Fashion editor Marc Göhring and Larissa Hofmann.

Stefano Pilati, centre, with friends.

Valerie Pomme, Roman Ole, Holger Liebs and Mr. Cool Ice.

Marcel Nestler.

Haw-lin and Jonas Lindström.

Jen Gilpin and Maria Koch.

Marc Göhring and friends.

Jannico Meyer and friend.

Joerg Koch and Christophe Chemin.

Joana Krawczyk and Yosuke Kaneshiro.

Francesca Gavin and Thomas Dzl.

Sam Bower.

Marc Göhring, Jonas Lindström, Eva Kelley and friends.

Karen Orton and Charlie Jones.

Tobias Engelschall, Andro Wekua and Joerg Koch.

Stefano Pilati.

Christian Stemmler, Andreas Freitag, Christoph Amend, Dan Meththananda and Max LuLu.

Maria Koch.

Christophe Chemin.

Thomas Bettridge.

Jeremy Shaw and Jen Gilpin.


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