An Innocent Mind Has No Fear: the Opening Scenes

An Innocent Mind Has No Fear: the Opening Scenes

With 032c Issue #30 fresh from the printers, 032c Workshop set up an open air screening on the terrace: Ralf Schmerberg’s An Innocent Mind Has No Fear. Taken from the 78-page cover editorial from the new issue, shot by Schmerberg and styled by 032c fashion editor Marc Goehring, it’s a proposal for the Ultimate Berlin Film, and it’s showing in full below, with images from the party taken by Lukas Gansterer underneath.

The popcorn has run out, but do pop by to see Ralf Schmerberg’s exhibition of photographs, production notes, screen takes, and objects, on show now in the 032c Workshop vitrine at St Agnes in Berlin-Kreuzberg, and buy the issue to see the full editorial – or just buy the poster.

Marc Goehring.

Myriam Hofmann and Miriam-Leah Hess.

Katja Oortman and Eric Kimu.

Tjorven Vahldieck.

David Rose.

Jimi Oduntan and friend.

Marc Goehring, Bianca Heuser and Merle Liberty.

Aanisa Rhoda and friend.

Jen Gilpin.

Georg Georgi and Alina Albano.

Tasya Kudryk and friend.

Ralf Schmerberg and Malakoff Kowalski.

Alex Bertrand and Mumi Haiati.

Joerg Haas and Yngve Holen.

Cosima Gadient and Christa Bösch.

Lee Stuart.

Anna Anderegg and Marco Barotti.

Chloe Fanta and friend.

Mara Delius and Tjorven Vahldieck.

Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho.

Lisa Hauser, Christina Papadopoulou, Caterina Tursan and Jan Vo.

Joerg and Maria Koch and Christophe Decarnin.

Mumi Haiati

Marco Halbinger.

Joerg Koch.

Malakoff Kowalski.

Ralf Schmerberg.

Joachim Bessing.

Robert Alan Packard.

Joerg Koch and Sara Salius.

Janus Martinez.

Isaac Penn.

Nadia Elsayed.

Valerie Pomme.

Maxime Ballesteros.

Dalad Kambhu.

Malakoff Kowalski and Johann König.

Maria Koch.

Lukas Gansterer.

Nadia and Khaled Elsayed.

Ralf Schmerberg and Joerg Koch.

Marc Goehring.

Kyra Sophie and Steffen Grap.

Photography: Lukas Gansterer.

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