ALYX / NICK KNIGHT: “THE SOUND OF LIGHT’S OWN DESTRUCTION” Opening and Société de 032c Bar Night

ALYX / NICK KNIGHT: “THE SOUND OF LIGHT’S OWN DESTRUCTION” Opening and Société de 032c Bar Night

This weekend’s Société de 032c barnight, taking place just ten days after summer solstice, was held to celebrate the cosmic force “The Sound of Light’s Own Destruction,” an exhibition at the 032c WORKSHOP Vitrine by the designer Matthew Williams and fashion photographer Nick Knight for the New York-based label ALYX.

Screens showed spontaneously combusting fireworks, held inside a vitrine of their own, their explosive, full-spectrum force captured in Ultra HD. Elsewhere, 032c and Johann König screened the explosive German side beating Italy 6-5 on penalties. Click through to see portraits by Lukas Gansterer.

ALYX / Nick Knight – “The Sound of Light’s Own Destruction” is on show at 032c Workshop, St Agnes, Alexandrinenstr. 118-121 until 31 July. Come visit Mon-Fri 12-6pm, and follow this link to preorder a belt produced by 032c in collaboration with Alyx.

Matthew Williams and Jennifer Murray Williams

Marc Goering

Sita Abellan

James-Marlon Braun and Celia Solf

Morgan Griffin and Cameron DeMarco

Matthew Williams, Celia Solf, and Lukas Gansterer

Khaled Elsayed and Nadia

Celia Solf, Malte-Bela Von Saher and Ralf Schmerberg

Anton Strauch

Jennifer Murray Willians and Leonardo Papini

Khaled Elsayed

Kevin Morellon

Julian Waeger

Jen Gilpin and David Calle

Matt Lambert and Jannis Birsner

Anton Strauch and Kean Farrar

Ralf Schmerberg and Dave Bennent

Luca Guarini and friends.

Zoma Crum-Tesfa

Olivia Seth and Nadia

Mumi Haiati and Jeorg Koch

Edinson Chan

Veronika Baron and Leandro Taub

Edinson Javier Quinones Falla and Thomas Bettridge

Khaled Elsayed, Thomas Bettridge, Luke Isaac Brooklyn, Patrick McGraw, Nadia, Verena Gillmeier, Claudia Rech

Charlie Jones, Roman Schramm, Thomas Bettridhe, Polina Barbasova, and Manusia Karton

Giulia Benini

Charming Peppa

Celia solf, Mac Folkes, David Calle, and Jan Michael Quammie

Sita Abellan

Valerie Pomme

Matthew Williams and Marc Goehring

Carl Jakob Haupt

Johann Konig

Matthew Williams, Javier Peres

Lera Abova

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