ADIDAS by 032c: Gear for Coming Storms

ADIDAS by 032c: Gear for Coming Storms

Equipped with the new adidas by 032c collection, actress Lera Abova and artist Yngve Holen are photographed by Timothy Schaumburg against the ice-cold backdrop of the Baltic coast in December, hound in hand.

No matter how you look at it, we’re living in a period of flux – an interregnum between familiar yesterdays and hazy tomorrows. Outside, the climate is warming and the water is rising. The political landscape is, almost globally, in crisis. Meanwhile, inside our homes, the media we consume is constantly shapeshifting – both itself and us. Our brains are rewired with every new app update. So our gear needs to adapt as well.

The adidas by 032c backpack, duffel, and multi-strap all-black accessories feature reinforced straps and metal loop hardware for heightened usability in any context, no matter how unpredictable – from work day to nightlife, ideation to action, among other adaptations.

Photographed by Timothy Schaumburg and featuring actress Lera Abova and artist Yngve Holen, the campaign is set in wintertime on the Baltic Sea coastline, close to 032c’s Berlin home but looking outward (which is also a perspective that informs the designs). The realism of the stark, gray, northern German atmosphere also comes through in the materials, quality, and function of the garments. This is apparel, after all, so it has to perform and be fluid – even when the sun isn’t shining.

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