032c Party DEVILS ON HORSEBACK at Provocateur, Berlin

Last Friday, 032c hosted a party on the occasion of the opening of the group show “DEVILS ON HORSEBACK” curated by Claire Koron Elat and Shelly Reich, featuring works by Tom Burr, Jesse Darling, Lewis Hammond, Lukas Heerich, Atiéna R. Kilfa, Michel Majerus, Kayode Ojo, and Ryan Trecartin on view at 032c Workshop, Berlin-Charlottenburg until March 10, 2023.

The party took place at Provocateur — a lascivious Hotel in West-Berlin that features rooms whose walls are tinted in a similar red as 032c’s exhibition space and store on Kantstr. 149. Guests clamored to the sounds of BABY B3NS, DJ MIURA, and RIOTBUTT and posed next to the 032c “I'm Super Cool But I Cry a Lot” poster — also available as a T-shirt. Thank you for the support, Belvedere Vodka.

Federike Haller, Jakob Eilinghoff, Laura Maria Hepp, and Bela Mohne

Shelly Reich and Claire Koron Elat

Julia Stoschek and Joerg Koch

Gloria Prudnikava and Errolson Hugh

Taban Jafari, Shayne Oliver, and Affa Osman

Niki Pauls and Naomi Tarazi

Lukas Bossert and Shermine Shahrivar

DJ Miura

Joerg Koch and Maria Koch

Maria Koch, Anh Dang, Béla Mohné, Shayne Oliver, Aino Laberenz, and Lukas Heerich

Gloria Prudnikava

Desire Balz, Kinan Touma, Julia Kraeplin, and Anh Dang

Christian Werner

Karen Boros and Juliet Kothe

Josip Novosel and Noah Klink

Yulia Roth

Tommy Warning

Jennifer Keese, Yulia Roth, and Ary Amirzai

Benita Banu and friends

Elisa Eilinghoff, Anh Dang, and Aino Laberenz

Alvaro Guilherme

Tjioe Meyer and Yoram Roth

Ivana Vladislava

Talia Akkus and friend

Oskar Taifun

Leo Cremer and Lewin Allenberg

Julia Kraeplin

Monty Richthofen

Rebecca Eskilsson

Michael Anthony Baumann

Martin Major and Florian Mecklenburg

Gregor Quack, Raoul Zoellner, and Joerg Koch

Yashvi Sheth and Monika Martinez

Mathias Benon-Le Mouellic and Lukas Mader

Kirill Rung and DJ Miura

Glenn Eliott, Angelina Nagornova, and Cryme

Anh Dang and Yulia Roth

Hernán Donoso Caruega and Lucas Hübner

Oskar Taifun and Abu Glitsch



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