Photography SEAN AND SENG – Fashion MEL OTTENBERG –
Model JOAN [email protected]

LONDON SHOOT (images 1-10)

Hair MARC [email protected]; Make Up PETROS [email protected]; Manicurist ADAM [email protected] for RIMMEL LONDON; Set Design ROBERT STOREY; Assistant GEORGE LEWIN; Photo Assistants JAVIER VILLEGAS, SIMON BREMNER; Fashion Assistants JULIA GALL, KELLY ANN HUGHES; Digital Operator OLIVIA [email protected] YELLOW JACKET; Studio SPRING STUDIOS; Production DAN WORTHINGTON for ROSCO PRODUCTION; Retouching OUTPUT

NEW YORK SHOOT (images 11-15)

Hair FRANCO GOBBI for G [email protected] NEW YORK; Make Up VIRGINIA [email protected] using CHANEL; Manicurist DAWN [email protected] ARTISTS using CHANEL; Set Design MATT [email protected] MACKINNEY; Photo Assistant JAMES GILES; Fashion Assistants JULIA GALL, KELLY ANN HUGHES; Digital Capture MILK DIGITAL; Production MATTHEW [email protected]; Retouching OUTPUT

Photography SEAN + SENG, Fashion MEL OTTENBERG

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