Issue #19 — Summer 2010: William T. Vollmann

“I have become a mere recording angel,” states WILLIAM T. VOLLMANN in this issue’s 40-page dossier on the American author’s pursuit to understand the tyrannical world.

Meanwhile, PIERRE ALEXANDER DE LOOZ activates the secret Vogue history of CY TWOMBLY photographed by HORST P. HORST; publisher LORD GEORGE WEIDENFELD divulges the historical foundation of the global networking imperative in an interview with HANS ULRICH OBRIST; architect ARNO BRANDLHUBER asks how we can build architecture in the form of a discussion; artist MATTHEW BARNEY previews the Detroit chapter of his opera Ancient Evenings; designer RICK OWENS talks with CARSON CHAN about the discrete, the lurid, and the total aesthetic; director PAUL SCHRADER and king of disco GIORGIO MORODER crystallize 30 years of AMERICAN GIGOLO; artist ANDRO WEKUA stares us down with a 21st-century scenography;

ALASDAIR MCLELLAN showcases LARA, DIANA, COCO, SIGRID, CAMERON, ISABELI, LILY, AGYNESS, and DREE; DANIEL SANNWALD captures a postdigital surrealism in “Aftershock Pompeii”; DANKO STEINER stages a transatlantic cabaret with ANJA, CARMEN, HANNELORE, MISSY, NATASA, and PATRICIA; art critic NIKLAS MAAK speculates on how our future could live in architecture firm SANAA’s ROLEX LEARNING CENTER; designer HIROKI NAKAMURA of VISVIM emanates product fundamentalism;

the new 032c SELECT presents the best of this season’s books, products, and ideas; and so much more on 284 pages …

Contributors: Matthew Barney, Chris Dercon, Georg Diez, Vicente Gutierrez, Oliver Helbig, Horst P. Horst, Young Kim, Niklas Maak, Sebastian Mayer, Alasdair McLellan, Rick Owens, Alexander Provan, Steve Pulimood, Zac Rose, Christopher Roth, Daniel Sannwald, Slavs & Tatars, Ana Steiner, Danko Steiner, Fed Tan, William T. Vollmann, Tung Walsh, Andro Wekua, Mei-lun Xue


Issue #19 — Summer 2010: William T. Vollmann

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