Issue #1 — Winter 2000/2001: Professionalism

“PROFESSIONALISM is used and abused to justify the unjustifiable, the boring, the banal. If it only meant caring enough about what you do and who you work with to make fanaticism, argument, neuroses, crises, the passions of the heart, total psycho meltdown, examples of its appearance as much as its disappearance, I’d sign up to it. As it stands, I doubt I will,” states publisher PAULINE VAN MOURIK BROEKMAN in 032c‘s premiere issue.

Filmmaker HARMONY KORINE postulates The Bad Son with Macaulay Culkin; writer GARY WOLF discusses architect FRANK GEHRY’S “minimal friction” and architect REM KOOLHAAS’s “generous cruelty”; writer and new media scholar MATTHEW FULLER brings the Internet to the Caribbean countryside and ghettos; writer DAVID HUDSON on how dot-coms became uncool; MORITZ VON USLAR talks to RAF (Red Army Faction) terrorist MANFRED GRASHOF on how to survive underground; JESKO FEZER details in a short story the daily routines of METABOLISM in Japanese architecture and urban development;

designer HEDI SLIMANE waits for Catherine Deneuve in the recording studio; filmmaker CHRISTOPHER ROTH proves that no one stops footballer Figo; photographer DANIEL JOSEFSOHN takes us into JACK NICHOLSON’s bedroom; designer VLADIMIR KAGAN explains how after being a legendary professional, he’s now interested in the games people play; furniture gallerist HANS-PETER JOCHUM, security advisor SMILEY BALDWIN, and fashion design INES KAAG of BLESS provide a kaleidoscopic view on Berlin beyond the hype by talking about their jobs;

graphic contributions by VOGT + WEIZENEGGER, MILK, MINA HAGEDORN, GOB SQUAD, WENDY & JIM, DAVID LINDERMANN, and KATE MERKLE;  and much more on 48 pages …

Contributors: Bless, Kira Bunse, Chicks on Speed feat. Walter Schönauer, Jesko Fezer, Matthew Fuller, Gob Squad, Mina Hagedorn, David Hudson, Terry Jones, Tricia Jones, Daniel Josefsohn, Harmony Korine, Claudius Lazzeroni, David Lindeman, Niklas Maak, Milk Projects, Pauline van Mourik Broekman, Christopher Roth, Hedi Slimane, Moritz von Uslar, Vogt & Weizenegger, Wendy & Jim, Gary Wolf


Issue #01 — Winter 2000/2001: Professionalism

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