On Time: Honey Dijon

Honey Dijon doesn’t have an age – she’s just happy. Based in Berlin and New York, her career in music spans over two decades, and she is one of the most respected DJs in the game. She’s also a producer, artist, advocate, and muse, as well as a veteran of the Société de 032c pages and the famed 032c bar nights that catalyzed a Berlin community. “I just consider myself to be a working artist working in many different creative fields,” she tells Jakob Thoene on the latest episode of the Telekom Electronic Beats podcast. “I don’t see the difference between using cloth as expression, or paint as expression, or music as expression.” Covering her Chicago upbringing and her self-discovery in New York alongside trans rights and racial justice, Dijon calls for an expanded, inspired view of how we pursue our personal happiness.

The podcast dropped yesterday in the lead up to Honey Dijon’s forthcoming album, BLACK GIRL MAGIC, due out later this year, and just ahead of today’s launch of the single “Not About You,” a bouncy 3-minute track that hearkens to the Chicago clubs that shaped her sonic sensibility. Overlaid with classic House vocals from Atlanta-based singer Hadiya George, the song – a lesson on the importance of loving yourself before loving others – opens with the lyrics, “I really don’t have time for this,” and ends on sound advice: “You’d better lose that ego.”

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