NICK: cotton sleeveless distressed patched and printed hooded sweat shirt, cotton distressed jeans, cotton jacquard printed and patched balaclava scarf, steel chain with silk screen printed pendants, customized 'All Stars': RAF SIMONS S/S 2002


A poem by Peter de Potter, 2004

26 Gasoline Stations
Andrei Markov (chain)
‘One Hundred Years’
The Dymaxion House

Giordano Bruno
The Lightning Field
Mr. Sir
‘A Short Term Effect’

Alan Turing (machine)
‘Neon Lights’ (1978)
‘Island of Never Anger’
Edgard Varèse

Rachel Carson
Victory over the Sun
Taliesin West (1954)
Small White Pebble Circles

Carbonated Soft Drinks
Model Nº670, 1956
Rosa Parks
Viking I, Viking II

Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois
Supremus Nº58
Nikola Tesla (coil)
‘The Hanging Garden’

International Mobile
The Hall of Everlasting Life
Valentina Tereshkova

Richard Prince
Water Supply & Distribution
A Promise Ring

Swimming Lakes
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (jet)
St. Louis Gateway Arch
Drinking Straw

Red Petals
Niels Bohr (atoms for peace)
‘Magnetic North’

Remote Control
‘Events in Dense Fog’
Ralf Hütter
Kilimanjaro (19,335.6)

Laughter And Forgetting
Carle David Runge (helium)
Sign Language
‘Dunwich Beach, Autumn 1960’

Robert Jarvik (7)
Grey-scale Ultrasound
Greeting Cards

Terrestrial Radar
Jonas Salk (strong children)
Monument To The Last Horse
Tin And Copper

The Texas Pieces
Louis, Mary & Richard Leakley (skull)
Ghost Telephone
Alpine Architecture

Rudolf Schwarzkogler
After Ford (Huxley)
Things That Are Near
Rouen Cathedral, Morning

White-haird Girls
M.L. (the freezing of mercury)
Floating Tetrahedral City

Monogram ‘55
JBJ Fourier (chaleur)
‘Tiny Golden Books’
To Be Close

Six stanzas from this 2004 poem by Peter de Potter were selected by Raf Simons for prints in his Spring/Summer 2005 collection. The Raf Simons dossier from 032c’s sold out 27th issue is available to view online.

  • Photography
    Willy Vanderperre
  • Fashion
    Olivier Rizzo

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