Société de 032c: GLOBAL PREDICTIONS from Cyber Oracle SITA ABELLAN

Sita Abellan is channeling a many-faced deity. Over the past few months, the model, DJ, and self-proclaimed “techno princess” has been transmitting dystopian prophecies hidden in her hot, retro-futuristic selfies. On Instagram you can spot her veiled in red mesh, clutching a flower between her teeth, posing as a smokey-eyed 1990s hacker with orange antennae sprouting from her hair, or wearing blue box braids and 032c Apparel underwear during a rooftop set in Ibiza – her favorite summer meeting spot.

“It’s one of the world- wide capitals of electronic music,” she gushes. “I’m a huge fan of techno music and I feel like a part of the movement when I’m there, so I find the island such a special place to be. It’s like getting non-stop new knowledge every night.” Ever since Rihanna discovered Abellan’s Instagram and cast her in her 2015 video for “Bitch Better Have My Money,” it’s become difficult to keep track of the DJ’s location tags, though most have been at some remove from her hometown of Murcia, Spain.

“Sometimes, I miss just doing nothing, relaxing, and meeting my friends and family. I also miss the sun and the food. I’m so proud of where I come from,” she says.

Abellan’s futurist tendencies turn dark when it comes to her global predictions. “I fear the world will become more and more unjust. The major debate everyone is avoiding is how technology will modify our society and economy,” she says. “Hiding from these issues is dangerous. Technology is forging our behavior and will deeply affect who we become as human beings. Avoiding discussions about the use of technology without limitations and restraints will cause major injustices.” Already an unignorable presence online, Abellan might just be the cyber oracle we need.

Sita Abellan appears in 032c’s 2018/19 Winter Issue: buy now or subscribe.

  • Interview
    Eva Kelley
  • Photography
    Diane Betties

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