Behind the @NAO_SEYCH Tweet: “Give me fucken BREAK! 032c Magazine inspired shoot Rihanna issue @rihanna”

In 2014, INEZ VAN LAMSWEERDE and VINOODH MATATIN shot RIHANNA for the cover of the now sold-out 032c Issue #25 (“Picasso,” Winter 2013/2014). Styled by former fashion director MEL OTTENBERG, the unfiltered, iconic showcase of the fiercely productive star – then 25 years old – only stoked our Rihanna obsession. We’re not the only ones still thinking about this feature.

While most of the fashion industry was working from home in sweats, the Montreal model/influencer/designer NAO took to Twitter to share a high-gloss, self-styled photoshoot inspired by the 032c Issue #25 (Winter 2013/2014) cover story shot by longtime contributors INEZ & VINOODH and starring RIHANNA. Fast forward a month and the photo series, modeled and creative directed by @NAO_SEYCH and shot by @Akumanistic and @IshamZekri, is still blowing up on the feed. More than a scene-for-scene homage, the shoot nails a Rihanna mood, which we – along with tens of thousands of Nao’s followers – stan. In one post in the thread, she @’s her muse Rihanna: “@rihanna thank you for inspiring me to rebel in my beauty and for being such a huge impact on my growth. I love you!” Ditto. 🌹🌹


Scroll for scenes from both shoots back to back and a brief Nao fact file.

Name: Nao
IG: @na0__
Twitter: @nao_seych
Location: Montreal, Quebec


Social Media Influencer/Fashion Designer

Other occupations:

Watching Survivor in between photoshoots.

Zodiac sign:

Taurus with an Aquarius rising, a Taurus sun, and a Leo moon.

Zodiac relevance:

Despite the typical stereotype stubbornness of Taureans, I am driven, creative, and a visionary thinker. It enables me to put down an idea and bring it to life in an outside the box type of way.


Miss Fenty. She’s an absolute star in my eyes! She’s influenced me a lot in the way I carry myself and my “idgaf’ attitude. She’s bad to di bone!


I have a love and hate relationship with my wifi company.


I love everyone except for [redacted] [redacted].


Rose: Spaghetti with cheese on top.
Bud: My new fridge.
Thorn: Murderers practicing behind a badge.

Rituals (daily or spiritual):

Taking a bath.

Love language:

For me, it’s making fancams of who I love. For others, it’s when you buy me my favorite bag of chips and drink. As well as speaking with lyrics by sending each other songs.

Describe your personal style:

It’s really hot and cold – between tomboy ghetto-goth meets rebel grunge dominatrix and controversial. I’m still just a chic barbie who lives in a 2000s romantic movie.

Upcoming projects:

I’m currently working on a separate streetwear fashion brand collection and other cool projects. This is a fairly new project of mine I’ve created just recently specifically targeting the streetwear lovers like me. It’s definitely a work in progress.

Unrealized dreams:

My ultimate goal, which I’ve been working on since early 2017, is the official Nao fashion brand. It’s one of the most important projects I’ve been keeping under wraps and taking my time with. My baby, if you will. Hopefully one day it’ll come to life and everyone will get to see the fruit of my labor and see my talent for what it really is, outside of the fast fashion.

Also, to go on Survivor.

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