Artist MARCO BRAMBILLA’s Noir Seduction for HUGO BOSS

Artist MARCO BAMBILLA’s promotional video for Hugo Boss is a ballet of nature, seduction, technocracy, and fashion. The director of Demolition Man (1993) and creator of ecstatic, surreal video work that’s typically presented in unexpected places—like the Standard NYC elevator or Times Square (forthcoming)—Brambilla is a master of the baroque pop spectacle. His works, such as the Megaplex series, reach back to the quotidian allure and anxiety of pre-modern artists such as Brueghel and Bosch, the technological fantasy of Carmontelle, or even the environmental utopia of the Eames’s Power of Ten. Here, the noir bliss of celebrating oneself is at once euphoric and terrifying. It ’s an adagio of emotional contradiction, a concentration of grace and vertigo.