Adonis Wears Mink: GUCCI Mens Fall 2015

Born from a myrrh tree, the mythological figure Adonis was such a heartthrob that he caused a perilous rift between the goddesses Aphrodite and Persephone, both of whom sought to court the undivided light of his raw masculinity. In a diplomatic move to squash this beef, Zeus intervened and ordered that Adonis spend one third of the year with Aphrodite, one third with Persephone, and the other third with whomever he wished. In the end, he spent that extra third with Aphrodite. On a Greek vase now located in the Louvre, dated circa 410BCE, a naked Adonis with a hair-metal coiffure looks up at the goddess of love, who pulls at the shoulder strap of her dress. As though brought to a boil by her lust, Adonis’s body on the vase still retains a feint red glow from its original glaze. A similarly muted red can be found across Gucci Fall 2015, the most intriguing menswear collection of this season. Shot here by photographer DOMINIK TARABANSKI for his story “Adonis,” the collection is filled with red hues, silk bows, and mink-lined loafers. ALESSANDRO MICHELE’s new take on Gucci’s jet-set ethos joyfully dances on the line between androgynous sophistication and bombastic dandification. The result is a feast for the eyes.

Photography: Dominik Tarabanski / Marek & Associates 

 Art direction: Dominik Tarabanski & Anatolli Smith

Fashion: Anatolli Smith

Stylist assistant: Katie Eytch 

Model: Adonis Bosso / DNA Models 

Producer: Wojtek Szaulinski / Marek & Associates 

Photographer assistant: Bogdan Teslar Kwiatowski

Studio: Candy Studio 

Retouch: Bartek Klus / Run Run Retouch 

All clothing: Gucci Mens Fall 2015


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