Ideas pass through our bodies much like cigarette smoke. As we inhale the fumes of our context, we exhale and are left with a faint buzz of the unknown. The 032c Smoker’s Collection is a series of products dedicated to our secret source of inspiration: the cigarette. While the habit has been pushed into the shadows by new-age prudence, we believe that smoking is much more than an unhealthy vice. It is an attitude we celebrate (for those of us 18 years of age and older). See the entire collection here:

032c Smoker’s Collection Ashtray

In homage to Max Ernst, our Smoker’s Collection Ashtray is a porcelain replica of the Surrealist’s favorite ashtray. With our 032c cigarette butt affixed to the bottom, we ensure that you will never puff alone. The numbered edition of 100 pieces is handcrafted in Berlin.



032c Smoker’s Collection Jean Shirt 

Nothing says cigarettes like a wandering cowboy! In honor of the Marlboro Men and Women of today, our custom-cut Smoker’s Collection Jean Shirt features metallic “032c Workshop” buttons and an embroidery of a man flying away into a cloud of cigarette smoke.


032c Smoker’s Collection Pin Set

To keep the spirit of smoking with you in even the most non-smoking terrains — say, an airplane or a chemistry lab — the Smoker’s Collection Pin Set features two embossed pins that you can affix to any garment. The first features a cigarette butt. The second, an 032c cigarette pack with our Surgeon General’s message to you: “Smoking Kills Depression.”


032c Smoker’s Collection Lighter

Lighters are magical objects: they ignite conversations between strangers, can help you on a desert island, and somehow they always manage to miraculously disappear. Stay perpetually prepared and sparked with our 032c Logo Lighter, our first (and hopefully not last) pyrotechnical instrument. The Smoker’s Collection Lighter is available only in our 032c Workshop in Kreuzberg.

032c Smoker’s Collection Case

In staunch opposition to the government’s shame campaign against smoking, our 032c Cigarette Case ensures that you can place your smokes on a dinner table without displaying macabre medical photos. Instead, our case displays our logo on a marbled 032c-red plastic container.

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