“This is the story of a titanic industry shift, one in which a generation of creatives raised variously on club culture, critical theory, and MTV (location depending) laid out a progressive vision for the new millennium – only to have that framework, just a few years later, be subject to the wild physics of web 2.0. Soon joined by rising millennials, that generation would need to figure out how to use this emergent media system to navigate a global financial crisis, extreme political polarization, and a pandemic that shuttered the world. Meanwhile, the velocity and traction of content would change dramatically as readers became users, ‘creatives’ became ‘founders,’ and independent artists grew ever more precarious. By 2020, the industry as it was known in 2000 would be unrecognizable.”

– NEW MODELS, 032c Issue #38 (Winter 2020/2021)

Part aggregator, part podcast, part Discord community, NEW MODELS is a Berlin-based media collective championing curation over algorithm-driven content. As they put it on newmodels.io: “In an online landscape where the present is the only time that exists, sometimes the old is the new that’s needed.” With this in mind, we invited them to look inside the black box of the 032c cultural laboratory on the occasion of our 20th anniversary year. New Models’ Caroline Busta and Lil Internet responded with questions, chronological notes, and a timeline, presented alongside 032c’s own archival selection of snapshots and quotes from readers – together occupying one side of a celebratory 28-page fold-out.

The other side features something different: a sumptuous visual essay comprised of memorable images – some headliners, some sleeper cells – published in 032c since our first issue. It is a showcase of our contributors and a retrospective look at how the pages of 032c magazine have both reflected and created the look of independent culture media in the first two decades 21st century.

Downloadable here is a PDF that provides a key to unlocking the dossier’s images, revealing the makers and faces behind them.

Tip: We’ve designed this gatefold not only to function not only as a pull-out, but as a printed edition that looks good on its own. Remove it from the binding for a hangable wall piece, and let your information personality choose which side – words or pictures – to showcase at home. 




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