Lead to Liquidity: 032c @ ZALANDO Now

Astrology apps, tarot, crystal healing – our collective interest in divination and the occult has ebbed and flowed over the millennia, but it’s certainly on a digital age upcycle now. We awake to Pattern and Co-Star notifications and reacclimatise to the return of IRL fashion shows and art openings by chatting about rising signs with colleagues – anything to not have to talk about travel restrictions – between exchanging speculations about what the last sliver of 2021 will bring. These are volatile times, and we’re all looking for guidance and protection, even clairvoyance, to help us face what is certain: change.

Photography: Timothy Schaumburg
Fashion: Lawrie Abei
Set Design: Studio Britz

There are plenty of divination methods that have yet to flood our smart phones and group chats. Tasseomancy looks for revelatory images in the tea leaves or coffee grounds at the bottom of your cup. Stichomancy, one of our favourites, uses printed matter – a copy of the Bible, the I Ching, or even the latest issue of 032c magazine – to derive guidance from lines flipped to at random. Molybdomancy, which uses molten metal, is little known by that name but is common in Germany around New Year’s Eve, when tiny shards of lead or tin are melted over a flame and dropped into water, where they harden to create shapes symbolic of the year to come. This practice is known as Bleigießen, and we were thinking a lot about it at the 032c workshop when we created the graphic that appears on our designs for our first 032c x Zalando capsule.

We have spoken about the flatness of creative practice in the 21st century. Now it’s time to embrace liquidity – to melt distinctions between disciplines and flow between communities (and in this case, retail brands) to enhance and expand what and how we produce. Fluidity is the amulet of discovery and resilience for our times. This limited line of apparel solidifies that sentiment on t-shirts, mock neck zip-ups, sweatshirts, and hoodies, available only at Zalando.

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