032c LoveSexDreams “Team Société”: Workshop Friends Edition (Part III)

This summer, we’ve been showing off how well our friends are styling the 032c LoveSexDreams collection. For this installment, e-Commerce Manager JOONWOO PARK documents a cozy day indoors, and introduces us to his crew.



Dana is a product manager at KNOK Store in Berlin, and worked as a designer at an upcycling fashion brand in South Korea before she moved.



Elly is a freelance artist.



A fresh Berliner, Woohyun moved from Korea last year. She studied photography and is currently learning videography. She recently launched a YouTube channel called “noon,” introducing her Berlin life. Woohyun is a vegetarian working at a vegan restaurant.


Soundcloud: Kei Sohn

Based in Berlin, DJ Kei Sohn moved from South Korea to get into the capital city of the underground music scene. Kei strives to give a similar experience or pleasure to the crowd as they might get from going to the theater.



Shin-Oh is an installation artist based in Berlin and Düsseldorf. His installations combine the new with the familiar, integrating recognizable elements of Physics and Laboratory, and shift our current reality into novel concepts. Nam is enrolled as a Fine Art student with Monica Bonvicini at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, and Architecture with Donatella Fioretti at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

During quarantine, he and his cat prepared for exhibitions in Chicago, Düsseldorf, and Korea, and at the Open White gallery here in Berlin.



Seohyun is an Art student focusing on sculpture in Nürnberg.



Achim is preparing a fashion design university course.

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  • Photography
    Joonwoo Park

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