032c LoveSexDreams “Team Sociéte”: Workshop Friends Edition (Part I)

The 032c LoveSexDreams collection has been ubiquitous in the office lately – it turns out the perfect lockdown uniform is great for transitions, too, be it from home to office or, in Berlin, from spring to summer. Recently, our staff has been recording their friends in the latest 032c attire, too. This week, our assistant womenswear designer BIRUTE MAZEIKAITE captures LoveSexDreams indoors and around Berlin after Workshop hours, and introduces us to her circle.


Greta first took her background in graphic design to working fashion – she’s assisted behind the scenes on 032c collections, among other projects – only to recently make an unexpected jump into creating computers. Her latest endeavor, in collaboration with friend Lukas (more on him later), is working on MNT Reform: and open source DIY laptop conceived especially for hacking, customization, and privacy. (They just finished a successful crowdsupply campaign, raising double their goal in funds – congrats!). Tina, the in-house tail-less-but-oh-so-cute rescue dog, watches over MNT Reform’s assembly and shipping operations, keeping the team on track. When 032c deadlines hit, Greta steps back into fashion mode, adding her perfectionist touch to our womenswear.


Birute completed a degree in psychology, but traded the depths of the human psyche for a deep-dive into fashion design. She has been a core member of the 032c Workshop team for two years now, working in the clothing design department, where she’s known for her meticulous approach and fastidiously high quality standards. In her spare time, she’s doing a tattoo apprenticeship, hoping to parlay the attention to detail into part-time tattoo artistry. Otherwise she spends her days drawing bodybuilder Pikachus and walking around Berlin listening to dystopian audiobooks. Recently, she came to realize that the world has changed so much that she may be living in a dystopian novel herself – so she might have to change her favorite book genre altogether.


Parzival has been busy building up his contemporary menswear fashion label, which is due to launch by the end of the year. His husband, Osman, is the label’s co-founder – and a pharmacist by day, which makes him popular with his hypochondriac friends. Sources tell us that these two are some of the kindest people around – Willi, their dog, seems to think so.


Jorge is a painter turned self-taught tattoo artist. His Berlin studio is filled with detailed charcoal drawings, which he makes when he isn’t inking human canvases like Alastair, an Australian who came to Berlin to go out, only to have to lock down this spring amid COVID-19.


On paper, Bunny “hates the world.” But things get somehow better when he’s fixing bikes and listening to death metal. His favorite bands are Pissgrave, White Ward, Regurgitate, and Feminazgul, so if you want to win him over, pumping up the volume “til your face hurts” is a good start.  The fluffy cynic – like all bunnies, we assume – also has a soft spot for cuddles and generating cutecore GIFs. Stay rad, stay fluffy and don’t forget: “All you need is Blood”
(“Love Yoko, hate John!” – Bunny)


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