032c Scarf Red

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Details Length 145cm, Width 17cm 100% Acrylic Made in Germany Also available in Black The history of the soccer scarf isn’t particularly well-documented,  More


  • Length 145cm, Width 17cm
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Made in Germany
  • Also available in Black


The history of the soccer scarf isn’t particularly well-documented, but word is when the garment began to appear in stadiums in the early 20th century, it was the result of a sort of family compromise: young fans wanted to go out and support their team; fans’ grandparents worried about the kids catching cold. The first soccer scarves, then, were hand-knit by concerned caretakers, the team colors a kind of insurance that the accessory would, in fact, be worn. As the world gets warmer, and we enter a winter of a different kind, we want to take care of our people, too. Introducing the 032c “Team” Scarf. Because it will always be cold for someone, somewhere, but there’s nothing like fandom to keep you warm. 

Available in two colorways, the “Team” Scarf reads "032c Workshop" on one side, and “Love Sex Dreams” on the other. It's a reference to the famed LSD sex shop down the block from our new office, and an homage to our new neighborhood: Berlin-Schöneberg, home to art and subversion since before the fall of the wall. 

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