"Spiral" T-Shirt

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Italian philosopher Antonio Gramsci hated indifference and loved nuance. His maxims related seemingly opposed concepts in coexistence, and twisted meaning and purpose out of contradictions. He noted that “history teaches, but has no pupils,” and called for a life “without illusions” – and without disillusionment. His proposal for inhabiting a divisive modernity was to adopt a “pessimism of the intellect” alongside an “optimism of the will.”

Formulations such as this one are guidelines to action, not concessions. In the spirit of sharing provocations as tools – of seeing clothes as entries in our manual for freedom, research, and creativity – we’ve put Gramsci’s tenet on some apparel. This 100% organic cotton t-shirt in natural white is circular knit – but not circular in thought – and printed on the front and back with a textured “foam” spiral graphic.



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