The Birth of SABOTEUR’s Mystical Minimalism

Launched by Thomas and Santiago Sabo with the support from Rita Sabo on November 11, 2021, the new luxury brand SABOTEUR began with the word. Coming from the French for someone who purposefully makes a mess of a situation, saboteur turned from a play on the Sabo family name to a new definition as “an intelligent disrupter”: someone who is “limitless in their aspirations and identities.” Not bound to a single form or to what the world dictates, a saboteur is “a new attitude” that shapeshifts and mixes masculine and feminine energies, promising “a lifestyle that does not yet exist” but which the Sabo trinity is ushering into the world.

The idea for the luxury brand of watches and jewelry dawned on the Sabos when they talked about their lives, realizing that “our differences could form something new.” Not only new but better, stronger: “we realized it was our differences, rather than our similarities, that were our unique strength.” Creating pieces that could be worn by “girls in a punk band” or “elder, elegant gentlemen,” SABOTEUR’s ultimate goal is to form new alliances.

Uniting sacred symbols and mindfully sourced, resource-conserving materials, SABOTEUR’s Swiss-crafted watches and inimitable jewelry blend minimalism and mysticism in pieces that are of this world and of the beyond. Their two main collections, Sacra and Elemental, alchemically explore the polarities of heavenly and earthly powers with talismans, skulls, stars, and planets. For SABOTEUR, the earth is consecrated ground, an idea which finds expression in the Sacred Planet pendant. With realms that be set into independent motion, the pendant is freed from confines and only tethered to the wearer.


As the start of a new dynasty, a new earthly kingdom rooted in divine geometry, SABOTEUR creates pieces intended for eternity and for future generations as part of a conscious way of life.

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